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​Stena RoRo is the leading innovator of the roll on/roll off cargo and passenger concepts. We offer RoRo and RoPax vessels with associated services.


Since 1999 we have designed, contracted, built, and delivered more than 30 entirely newly built vessels. We have also supported with management services throughout the process.

With innovative design pushing the limits we have become one of the major contractors of RoPax tonnage both for internal use and for external clients.

Built on strong knowledge and customer understanding we have developed innovative designs that are flexible and adaptable to the clients’ specific requirements. Driven by performance culture we deliver products that care for both customer needs and our planet.


Be aware and understand changing trade patterns or demands, may that be requirements from ports/terminals or environmental regulations, our dedicated work combined with a high degree of innovation, sometimes pushing the limits, have created a specialist competence in converting ships and adopting them for future commercial needs.

Charter and Sale & Purchase

To take an active part and be deeply involved in supplying the tonnage our customers demand is one of our trademarks. Our ships are employed on a worldwide basis and together with strong operational and technical know-how we can transfer best practice among markets.


By combining commercial and technical knowledge, Stena RoRo can offer reliable and efficient turnkey solutions.


Find contact details for our offices in Sweden and Asia, or to someone in our team of employees and available vacancies.

We are Stena RoRo

Latest News

June 28, 2024

Stena RoRo places order for two new multi-fuel E-Flexer RoPax vessels

Stena RoRo has ordered another two E-Flexer RoPax vessels from the Chinese shipyard CMI Jinling (Weihai). The vessels will be delivered in 2027 to the Greek shipping company Attica Group and will operate in the Adriatic Sea. This is Stena RoRo's fourteenth and fifteenth vessel in the E-Flexer series.
February 7, 2024

Stena RoRo takes delivery of E-Flexer RoPax vessel number ten for long charter to Canadian Crown Corporation Marine Atlantic

Today, number ten of the Stena RoRos E-Flexer series was delivered from the CMI Jinling, Weihai Shipyard. The vessel, named Ala'suinu, will be on a long charter agreement with the Canadian state-owned Marine Atlantic and operate a ferry line in eastern Canada between Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.
January 8, 2024

Stena RoRo places order for yet another E-Flexer RoPax vessel

Stena RoRo has placed an order for yet another RoPax-class E-Flexer vessel from the Chinese shipyard CMI Jinling (Weihai). The vessel will be delivered in the first quarter of 2026 to Corsica Linea and will operate between Marseille and Corsica. This is Stena RoRo's thirteenth vessel in the E-Flexer series and the first to be delivered to the Mediterranean region.


Stena RoRo plays an important role in achieving the vision of climate-neutral transport. The area is working intensively to optimise the design of existing vessels and new constructions in order to minimise fuel consumption and increase load capacity.


During the years, we have chartered, built, and converted several vessels. Based on our long and broad experience in the vessel industry, we have been trusted with various projects offering a turnkey solution. Discover some of our cases.