Environment Policy

At Stena RoRo, we feel that actively working to protect the environment and creating the necessary conditions for life in the future are a matter of course. We reduce the amount of heavy traffic on the roads and the environmental impact of vessels provided by us is minimal.​

Stena RoRo is, together with its customers, committed to providing transport solutions concerning the local and global environment. The environmental impact and the surrounding world shall strongly influence the continuous operation and business decisions. The fact that Stena RoRo is environmentally certified in accordance with ISO 14001 is a natural part of our business activities.

Our environmental consciousness is manifested by:


  • Stena RoRo strives to contribute to continuous environmental improvement of the operated vessels/assets and in the day to day onshore office related activities.
  • In all phases of the life cycle optimal resource management and limiting waste is a paramount strategy for Stena RoRo, limiting environmental impact and ensuring competitiveness.
  • Waste handling and recycling are integral aspects in the decision process and operation, in all facets of the life cycle.
  • Stena RoRo is monitoring, reporting and striving to limit emissions from all phases of the operation.
  • Environmental concerns are always addressed in sourcing and new technology decisions, and Stena RoRo strives to influence clients/partners towards solutions adapted to the environmental agenda.
  • Vessels/assets and services provided by Stena RoRo will meet current and upcoming rules, requirements, standards and exceed these when efficient.
  • Stena RoRo personnel is always updated on the environmental agenda and we encourage education and training as necessary to increase capabilities and improve knowledge about environmental issues.
  • Specific goals and ambitions for environmental performance in all aspects of the operation will be established and continuously followed up to meet and surpass the industry development.

Quality Policy

We integrate safety and security into the day-to-day operation of our fleet, assets, and services.

Our Services

By combining commercial and technical knowledge, Stena RoRo can offer reliable and efficient turnkey solutions.