During the years, we have chartered, built, and converted several vessels. Based on our long and broad experience in the vessel industry, we have been trusted with various projects offering a turnkey solution. Listed below, you find our selected cases, Global Mercy and E-Flexer. You can also learn more about our other previous projects, from newbuild to chartering to conversion.


The Stena E-Flexer is a series of vessels with features as alternative fuel engines and battery hybrid packages. The first vessel in the class, Stena Estrid, had its maiden voyage in 2020, and today there is a total of eight E-Flexers that has set its sails. Within the next three years, we will deliver another five vessels in the class.

Global Mercy

At the request of the charity organisation Mercy Ships, Stena RoRo has built the Global Mercy – the world’s largest civilian hospital ship. Mercy Ships uses hospital ships to deliver care to the poorest parts of the world. The project took off in 2014, the construction was completed in 2021 and since July 2023 the vessel is in full operation.

Listed Cases



Stena E-flexer NB 263 – 271, AVIC Shipyard, Weihai China 2016- | Ropax

Global Mercy, Design & project management, Xingang China 2015- | Hospital ship

Stena Seabridger Mk-II Class, Samsung NB 1807 – 1808, South Korea 2011 | RoPax

Stena Superferry Class, Nordic Yards NB 159 & 164, Germany 2010–2011 | RoPax

Stena Seabridger Mk-I Class, Fosen NB 74 – 75, Norway 2006–2007 | RoPax

Stena Seamaster Class, Hyundai NB1392 – 1393, South Korea 2003 | RoPax

Stena 4-Runner Mk-II Class, Dalian NB 123-1 – 123-3, China 2002–2003 | RoRo

Stena Seapacer Class, AESA NB 78 – 81, Spain 1999–2001 | RoPax

Stena 4-Runner Mk-I Class, SEC NB 1546, Italy 1998 | RoRo


Admiral Danish Fleet – ADF
Adria Ferries
Attica Group – Blue Star
Brittany Ferries
Crowley Liner Services
Gruppo Grendi
LDS – Airbus
Mann Lines
Marine Atlantic Inc
P&O Ferries
Stora Enso
Transprocon – Swedish Orient Line (SOL)


Stena Baltica, Turkey 2021 – Lengthening and new bow section with bow doors and ramp, additional Cabins, interior refurbishment, BWTS, flap rudders, additional bow thruster.

Stena Scandica, Turkey 2020-2021 – Lengthening and new bow section with bow doors and ramp, additional Cabins, interior refurbishment, BWTS, flap rudders, additional bow thruster.

Stena Saga, Greece 2021 –Upgrade to accommodation vessel.

Stena Superfast X, Greece 2020 – Installation of Scrubbers, additional cabins.

Stena Europe, 2017-2019 – Life time extension.

Stena Egeria, Greece 2017  Interior refurbishment and Repair & Maintenance.

Stena Europe, UK 2017  Clear height increase.

Stena Forerunner & Stena Foreteller, Seagoing 2015/2016 – Installation of Scrubbers. Carried out in vessels’ operation, without disturbance to Charterers service.

Stena Alegra, Singapore 2015 – Installation of Fin stabilisers, interior refurbishment, bridge equipment, Pax increase, extension of deck 8, various system modifications.

Stena Superfast X, Poland 2015 – Interior refurbishment and modification of Cargo access equipment.

Stena Germanica, Poland 2015 – Converting Main engines for methanol fuel.

Stena Egeria, China 2014 – Total refurbishment of complete vessel in China.

Stena Feronia, Gibraltar 2013 – Pax Increase.

Aurora, Sweden 2012 – Interior refurbishment.

Stena Superfast 7 & 8, Poland 2011 – Simultaneously on both vessels increase of free height, removal of cabins and interior refurbishment.

Stena Baltica, Sweden 2011 – Installation of a tiltable ramp & hoistable cardeck.

Stena Germanica & Stena Scandinavica, Poland 2010/2011 – Additional 100 cabins and interior refurbishment.

Stena Vision & Stena Spirit, Sweden 2010/2011 – Increase of cargo capacity and interior refurbishment.

Stena Trader & Stena Traveller, Germany 2010/2011 – Shortening 12 m and additional accommodation areas.

Borja, Netherlands 2010 – Installation of WT door in lower hold.

Corragio, Italy 2010 – Stern ramp modifications, additional mooring winches.

Ark Forwarder, Poland 2009 – Installation of side ramp and 58t cargo crane.

Stena Danica, Germany 2008 – Upgrading due to new regulations.

Stena Foreteller, Seagoing 2008 – Installation of hoistable cardeck. Carried out in vessel’s operation, without disturbance to Charterers service.

Stena Hollandica & Stena Britannica, Germany 2007 – Lengthening 52 meters & 30 meters respectively and additional cabin capacity.

Stena Baltica, Poland 2005 – Removal of cabins and increase of trailer capacity, interior refurbishment.

Stena Freighter, Croatia 2003 – Completion of interrupted newbuilding.

Stena Nautica, Sweden 2001 – Additional trailer deck.