Stena RoRo assisting MARAD in purchase of two vessels for Ready Reserve Force (RRF)

March 24, 2022

MARAD (United States Maritime Administration) has signed a contract for the purchase of two vessels. Crowley serves as vessel acquisition manager (responsible for contract implementation), and Stena RoRo is part of Crowley’s project team on the shipping and logistics company’s behalf for MARAD. Stena RoRo is participating as market experts and brokers, as well as providing support in contract drafting.

MARAD is purchasing two vessels from the American Roll-On Roll-Off Carrier Group (ARC). The vessels will be part of the RRF fleet. More vessel purchases are expected to follow as the fleet is in need of rejuvenation.

Stena RoRo is part of the project team that Crowley created for the MARAD contract. Stena RoRo assists in the process of finding and selecting new vessels, serves as a broker and supports the parties in drawing up contracts in connection with the purchase of vessels.

Stena RoRo has extensive experience and knowledge of the global markets relevant to MARAD’s very specific requirements.

“We are delighted to be assisting MARAD in strengthening the RRF fleet, and looking forward to participating in more vessel purchases within the framework of this collaborative arrangement,” says Ambjörn Fröjd, Commercial Project Manager, Stena RoRo.

The vessels that MARAD has agreed to purchase from ARC are the M/V Freedom and the M/V Honor. The RRF is part of MARAD and already has some 40 vessels.

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